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        Paried mounting angular contact ball bearing

        Paried mounting angular contact ball bearing

        In many situations, single row angular contact ball bearings are supplied to customers in pairs or multi-arrangement. LYC's paired mounting angular contact ball bearing arranged in pairs are specially processed. When bearings are installed abutting each other, any kind of arrangement can help to achieve predetermined inner clearance, preload and equally distributed load. No adjustment is need again. Angular contact ball bearings in pairs are used in these applications when single angular contact ball bearing load carrying capacity is not enough, when carrying axial (radial) combined load, and when carrying axial load in more than two directions. There are three ways to arrange angular contact ball bearings: in tandem, back to back and face to face. When arranged in tandem, the load lines are in parallel. The radial and axial loads are evenly divided between the bearings. The bearing in tandem are only able to carry axial load in one direction (See Fig.a). The load lines of bearings mounted back-to-back diverge at both sides of bearings and intersect with the bearing axis. Axial loads acting in both directions can be carried, but only by one bearing in each direction. Bearings mounted back-to-back provide a relatively stiff arrangement which can also bearing titling moments(See Fig.b). The loads lines of bearings mounted face to face are crossed, then they intersect with axis. Face to face arranged bearings could carry the axial load in both directions, but, only by one bearing in each direction. Their rigidity is lower than the bearings mounted back to back, which cannot bear titling moments (See Fig.c).

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