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        Luoyang bearing takes the remanufacturing head start of shield tunneling machine


        Recently, Luoyang LYC bearing co., LTD. and China railway tunnel group jointly held Tunnel Boring Machine remanufacturing main bearing usage assessment meeting in Guangzhou. Luoyang LYC bearing co., LTD. successfully passed the expert group evaluation for Guangzhou metro line No. 4 south 5 standard items project of Tunnel Boring Machine remanufacturing assort main bearing, which makes LYC bearing co., LTD. become the first domestic through industry evaluation enterprise of  Tunnel Boring Machine remanufacturing main bearing. It marks that firstly break Tunnel Boring Machine main bearing remanufacturing technology.

        The relevant responsible officer of Luoyang LYC company introduce,  Since last year's computer use the complete set of Tunnel Boring Machine remanufacturing main bearing which the enterprise assort for the project, so far it has been tunnelling 1.5 kilometers on the complex condition of Guangzhou metro line No. 4 south 5 standard items.

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