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        The rail transit vehicle bearing developed by LYC have passed strict performance test


        Company news in July 31st the rail transit vehicle bearing developed by LYC have passed strict performance test and entered the durability bench test stage formally.
        The project was undertakes by LYC the rail transit vehicle bearing development is one sub project of the national key projects the project focuses on the several key technologies of high speed railway bearing solves technical problems restricting the development of China rail vehicle bearing. In order to ensure the development of the project According to the request for product life 600000 km reliability 99% accuracy of P5 grade etc based on the first-hand data about bearing city rail in domestic and abroad through digesting absorbing and perfecting the design scheme of bearing LYC R & D team research on the key technology have solved problems in processing the bearing at the limited space under multi direction force vehicle load and impact during vehicle running to meet the requirements of bearing high reliability improves the bearing toughness shock resistance and service life and applied for two national patents. It is understand that the first batch of samples which was rolled off the line and was inspected completely reached the level of similar foreign products for various technical data and precision. At the same time The samples are through the strict performance test various technical data have all reached the level of similar foreign products.
        At present To make sure that the products can pass the durability test the companys R & D team are working to improve and elevate the testing conditions for a product through the bench test in one time.

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