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        LYC India Seminar


        From May 27th 2013Luoynag LYC Bearing Co.Ltd and Eurasia Trade and logistics Pvt. Ltd. Indian company has organized a seminar of LYC products at four main India cities This will be followed by seminars at Delhi Mumbai and Chennai during this week.
        This is the largest scope grand meeting held by LYC for technical exchange and products marketing in overseas. In recent years India is one of our main markets developing. The seminar realized zero distance interaction with India regional distributors authorized dealers and main OEM users It is also an important measure to strengthening international operation enlarging LYC’s overseas market influence forwarding our exporting marketing position .

        Mr Liu Zhijie The vice consul general from Kolkata consulate attended Kolkata ‘s first seminar he gave a great support and affirmation to LYC’s development in India market.

        Numbers of media attended this big event such as THE TIMES OF INDIA THE TELEGRAPH who took an interviews and reports with the scene of the seminar..

        LYC Top level delegation from LYC headed by Mr. Ji BingXu Vice General Manager- LUOYANG LYC BEARING CO. LTD Mr. Kevin Xu General Manager. LYC Import & Export Crop. Mr. Xie Xinghui Vice Director LYC Technical Center attended and presided over the seminars.

        LYC India Seminar  LYC India Seminar

        LYC India Seminar  LYC India Seminar

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