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        • Slewing Mechanism

          Slewing Mechanism

          Slewing mechanism by the rotary bearing device and rotary drive device of two parts. Rotating part of the former will crane bearing on the fixed part, which is relative to the fixed part rotation driven rotary parts. Government's wheel bearings are widely used in all kinds of construction machinery in the rotary bearing device.

        • Differential mechanism

          Differential mechanism

          Differential mechanism can make left and right (or before and after) driving wheels at different speed of rotation mechanism. Mainly by around half shaft gear, two planetary gear and gear rack. Function is turning when driving or when driving on rough road , the left and right wheels at different speed rolling, guarantee on both sides of the drive wheels are pure rolling motion. Differential is to adjust the left and right wheel speed difference.

        • Driving tapered gear shaft

          Driving tapered gear shaft

          LYC big cone angle of taper roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearing provides a full range of solutions to driving tapered gear shaft..LYC

        • Wheel hub

          Wheel hub

          Wheel hub bearing bears the force produced by the vehicle gravity, axial force and the impact of the bumpy road, such as working condition is very bad, often appears abrasion, sintering, cataclastic and 跑外圈.In the condition of overloading, impact load, wheel hub bearing bears long-term continuous working condition of running efficiently is the key to ensure mining equipments stable and reliable operation.

        • Gearbox


          1.Deep groove ball bearing have small friction coefficient, high limit speed, manufacturing with high accuracy, easy to implement bearing seal, etc.

          2.Cylindrical roller bearing is used to bear radial load, compared with the appearance of the same size deep groove ball bearings, has large radial loading capacity.

          3.Tapered roller bearing is used to bear mainly consisting of radial load and axial load.

        • Torque converter

          Torque converter

          Applied to the torque converter, LYC bearing has small friction coefficient, high limit speed, manufacturing with high accuracy, cage with a high strength and good wear resistance, etc.

        • Engine


          Applied to the LYC of engine bearing has high limit speed, low noise, high temperature resistance, good sealing, good wear-resisting performance, reliability, long lifetime characteristics.

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