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        Special Design-Cylindrical Roller Bearings

        Special Design The Structure of Type E

        Comparing to the former bearings with the same types, the internal structures have been improved so as to increase bearing carrying capacity and life. In order to distinguish with the former design, E will be added behind the bearing type.

        Tapered Bore Bearing

        LYC’s single row and double-row cylindrical roller bearings normally have cylindrical inner holes. But for some parts of the dimensions and specifications, tapered holes (taper: 1:12) can also be provide. In this case, K would be added behind the bearing type.

        Bearings with Snap Ring Groove

        LYC can also supply single row cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring groove on inner ring. This type of bearings can be located through the snap ring. While mounting, it is convenient to fix the bearing into the housing. Consequently, it could be taken into consideration when the mounting position is limited. In this case, N should be added behind the bearing type.

        LYC can also provide customers cylindrical roller bearings with other structures, such as insulative cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings without inner ring or outer ring, cylindrical roller bearings full of rollers, and sealed etc. All types can not be list in this catalogue. If customers require, please consult LYC technical department.

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