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        Dimension Tolerance Clearance-Taper Roller Bearing

        LYC’s standard taper roller bearing boundary dimension is in accordance with GB/T273.3 , GB/T297 , GB/T299 , GB/T300 .

        The tolerance of LYC’s standard taper roller bearing is in accordance with GB/T307.1

        The clearance of single row taper roller bearings only can achieved after adjusting the axial position of outer ring, internal parts. Bearings have to be turned repeatedly in order to make the rollers and inner ring guide flange into a proper contacting position. The value of clearance can be decided by the customer according to different working conditions. However, please note that too big clearance would weaken the load carrying capacity, but, too little clearance would cause too much friction equal to very high operating temperature. While bearings having a lower operating temperature, smaller vibration and higher rotating precision, we can judge that the clearance value has been adjusted to the best condition. The clearance of double-row and four-row taper roller bearings are adjusted accurately before delivery. Customers can use them directly without adjusting again.

        The dimensional tolerance of LYC’s standard taper roller bearing is the normal grade P0. If customers have other special requirements on dimension, tolerance, and clearance, LYC have the ability to supply the corresponding products, including non-standard products.




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